Sápmi Indigenous Film & Art Festival!

Welcome to Dellie Maa! The first Film & Art Festival in Sweden where all film-makers and artists are Indigenous, thus making it the first festival of its kind in Sweden! We accept all kind of films from all over the world. Our only criteria for participation in the festival is that either the director, producer or script writer self-identifies as Indigenous.
Buerie båeteme! Welcome!

From Indigenous,
to Everyone

The idea of Dellie maa is to share art and stories from Indigenous communities around the globe. That is our main goal in a nutshell: To tell our own stories, not to be told about.

Submit your film!

We want stories from all over the world, so please, do submit your film (see link above) and spread the word about Dellie maa!

Important dates

September 1: Submission closes.

September 30 – October 2: Dellie Maa festival in Tärnaby.

November: Screenings in Umeå.

25-27 November: Dellie Maa festival in Östersund.

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